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BVIU Directory

Below you will find a staff directory including central office employees along with ESL teachers. To reach a staff member by phone, please use 724-774-7800 followed by the extension listed below.
First Name Last Name Title Extension Email
Ryan  Berich ESL Teacher   ryan.berich@bviu.org 
Kim Biskup Penn Data 3003 kimberly.biskup@bviu.org 
Randy Bukowski ESL Teacher   randy.bukowski@bviu.org 
Kelly Cadamore ESL Teacher   kelly.cadamore@bviu.org
Corinn Coposky ESL Teacher   corinn.coposky@bviu.org 
Aimee Delucia ESL Teacher   aimee.delucia@bviu.org 
Cynthia Dragan Central Office Receptionist 3001 cynthia.dragan@bviu.org 
Carla Ference Secretary to the Executive Director 3006 carla.ference@bviu.org 
Annie Gilbreath Devine Coordinator of District Services 3008 annie.gilbreath@bviu.org
Constance Harmotto Business Manager 3012 constance.harmotto@bviu.org 
Jeff Huchko TaC Consultant 3027 jeffrey.huchko@bviu.org 
Lisa Husar TaC Consultant 3029 lisa.husar@bviu.org 
Susan Emmett Instructional Technology Specialist 3014 susan.emmett@bviu.org
Terri Johnston Business Office Assistant 3011 terri.johnston@bviu.org 
Angela Kalervo ESL Teacher   angela.kalervo@bviu.org 
Jay Kibler Custodian 3019 jay.kibler@bviu.org 
Melissa Lanious TaC Consultant 3026 melissa.lanious@bviu.org 
Michelle McKinley Director of Curriculum Services 3010 michelle.mckinley@bviu.org 
Jill Martin Secretary to the Director of Curriculum Services 3015 jill.martin@bviu.org 
Kayla  Martin ESL Teacher   kayla.woods@bviu.org 
Mike Petruccioli Technology Support Specialist   michael.petruccioli@bviu.org 
Karin Pilarski TaC Consultant 3031 karin.pilarski@bviu.org 
Vicki Robertson Instructional & Technology/TaC Secretary 3033 vicki.robertson@bviu.org 
Carol Roossin TaC Consultant 3028 carol.roossin@bviu.org 
Eric Rosendale Executive Director 3036 eric.rosendale@bviu.org 
John Sanderbeck Director of Technology 3005 john.sanderbeck@bviu.org
Pam Stiffey Secretary to the Director of Special Education 3002 pam.stiffey@bviu.org 
Melissa  Niedbala Director of Special Education 3007 melissa.niedbala@bviu.org