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COVID-19 Protocols Update 03/01/2022

Recently, the BVIU Pandemic Team met to review the revised CDC masking guidance per the BVIU Safety Plan. The CDC changed its school guidance based on the new county metrics; it is recommending universal school masking only in communities with high levels of diseases.  The BVIU Health and Safety Plan states “All IU activities and decisions will be informed by the PA DOH, PDE, and our partner districts & agencies.” and that we will “Monitor and implement as required by CDC, PA DOH and PDE guidelines.

Per the CDC county metrics, Beaver County is currently in the low transmission status category and therefore we will be “mask optional” until further notice.

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The Human Resource Documents and Policies are all located on Sharepoint.

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Information on how to apply for Clearances. ACT 34, ACT 126/151, and ACT 114


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