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Audiology and Hearing Support Services

Beaver Valley Intermediate Unit 

The Audiology/Hearing Support Program at the Beaver Valley Intermediate Unit provides specially designed instruction to students with hearing loss that directly interferes with the development of language and communication and impacts their ability to achieve educational potential.  The goal of this program is to effectively educate students with hearing loss, to the greatest extent possible, in regular education environments.

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Audiological Screenings (School Nurses) (details)

This service is conducted in compliance with the Department of Health requirements for students enrolled in BVIU programs or in district programs as mandated by the state of Pennsylvania through the district building school nurses.  Referrals are made for Audiological Evaluation when a student fails the screening protocols.  

Auditory Processing Services 

Auditory processing services provides auditory processing screenings of varying types and lengths to children who are ages 7 to 14 years.  Screening results indicating weaknesses in the area of auditory processing will be discussed with district personnel and collaboration with district speech language pathologists will ensure students with documented processing weaknesses receive appropriate rehabilitation and assistance. 


Hearing Support Services/Determination of eligibility for Hearing Support Services (details)


Hearing support service providers are certified teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing.  This service provides instruction and support for students with documented hearing loss in developing speech reading, literacy, developing auditory language, and self-advocacy skills, as well as academic support in an inclusive educational program.

Individual Audiological Services (details)

Audiological Services provides evaluations to children in Beaver County. Evaluations are provided for infants/preschool through school age children to assist in determining the nature, severity, and educational implications of an existing and/or new found hearing loss. Recommendations are then given to the student’s team which may include appropriate instructional strategies, environmental accommodations, and appropriate amplification.

Request for Services


  • District Nurses may click here for the annual group referral form
  • District Nurses may click here for a sample permission slip for BVIU Audiological Testing 

District Personnel


  • School districts may click here to make a student referral for Audiological Services
    • Checklist for Audiological Services Referral Packet


  • School distrcits may click here to make a student referral for Auditory Processing Services
    • Checklist for Auditory Processing Services Referral Packet
  • School districts may click here to make a student referral for Determination of Eligibility for Hearing Support Services
    • Checklist for Hearing Support Services Referral Packet
The Audiology Department and Hearing Support Program personnel support and serve all 14 school districts in Beaver County. Audiology and Hearing Support staff also serve the students of New Horizon School directly.  Click here for the Audiology and Hearing Support Staff Contact Information.

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