Coordinating and Administering of Programs to meet the needs of school districts and the Pennsylvania Department of Education


Requests for information on Teacher Certification are handled by the IU Office

Emergency Substitute Teacher Permits (Type 06)

Administering of training programs for initial issuance and re-issuance of Type 06 Emergency Substitute Teacher Permits and maintenance of all related personnel files

Insurance Cooperative Plan

Coordination of various BVIU and school district insurance plans, including the Beaver County School Health Care Insurance Consortium Advisory Council

Management Support Services

A direct link providing services and programs in management, planning procedures and practices, liaison services and statistical information


Provides updated information concerning negotiations, etc.

Personnel Administration

The BVIU Office maintains employment records, administers fringe benefits for BVIU employees, and conducts negotiations with BVIU bargaining groups.

Public Relations

Prepares special reports, informational reports, brochures, news releases and the BVIU Newsletter

State and Federal Liaison Services

Information is provided on State and Federal funding available to school districts.

Surveys – Informational and                              Statistical

Upon request by local school district administrators, conducts customized surveys to collect data on specific topics of need and interest

Statistical Data Collection

Provides statistical data needed by school districts for budgeting, building projects, enrollment projections, financial data, faculty surveys, negotiation updates and pertinent data, etc.

Strategic Planning

Statistical studies, i.e. enrollment and cost projections, and long range planning assistance is provided to area schools

Subsidies and Reimbursements

Provides answers to questions regarding instructional subsidies, components of the formulas, and the impact of proposed system changes.

Superintendent Search

Assists local school districts in seeking outstanding candidates and provides supplementary information