• Curriculum & Instruction

    The Curriculum and Instruction Department provides supports and resources to administrators, teachers, parents and students in the following areas:

    • Continuing Professional Education (CPE)
    • Instructional Technology
    • Leadership
    • On-Line Professional Development/Certification
    • State/Federal Initiatives and Regulations
    • Student Services
    BVIU Comprehensive Plan - Posted for Public Comment

    Please take time to read the proposed BVIU Comprehensive Plan. Should you have questions or comments, please contact Dr. Eric Rosendale, Executive Director at egr@bviu.org


  • Contacts
    Michael Lewis,
    Director of Curriculum Services
    724-774-7800 Ext. 3010
    • Administrators
    • Certification
    • State/Federal Regulations
    • Instructional Services

    Jill Martin
    724-774-7800 Ext. 3015
    • Administrators
    • Registration Support
    • Certification
    • Instructional Services
    • Transcript Requests
    • Continuing Professional Education

    Lori Ceremuga
    PIIC Mentor 
    • Instructional Coaching