COVID-19 Updates » BVIU COVID-19 Protocols - Effective 8-19-2021

BVIU COVID-19 Protocols - Effective 8-19-2021

BVIU COVID-19 Protocols 8-18-21 - Effective 8/19/2021


As a continued measure in preventing the spread of COVID in our school, you will be required to perform a self-assessment EVERYDAY you are reporting to work PRIOR to the start of your workday, it would be most beneficial if this was done prior to 6:15 a.m. so necessary arrangements can be made.


This self-assessment is the same as last year and:

  • takes no more than 30 seconds.
  • is required daily for all employees of the BVIU regardless of work location.

If you prefer to complete this self-assessment from a computer, then we suggest you “bookmark” the webpage. 

Self-Assessment Survey Tool:


Android Users:

1.      If you are using the Android browser, click on the Triple Line Icon in the lower right

a.       Click on " + Add Page To"

b.       Click on Home Screen

c.       Type in a name or leave it as COVID-19 Self-Assessment

d.       Click Add

e.       Then Click Add one final time

2.      If you are running Chrome

a.       Click on the Triple Dot Icon in the top right

b.       Click on Add to Home Screen

c.       Enter a name or leave it as COVID-19 Self-Assessment

d.       Click Add

e.       Then Click Add one final time

iPhone Users:

1.      Open the Safari browser.

2.      Type or copy/paste the name of the website you would like to use.

3.      Choose your site.

4.      Press the Action Key located at the bottom of your screen.

5.      Press the "Add to Home Screen" button.

6.      Give your shortcut an appropriate name and press add.

7.      Your icon will now appear on your phone. You now have a quick link to the site of your choice.


Below are a few reminders for a safe return to work:

  • Before Coming to Work:
      • If you have one symptom for Group A (left column) or two or more from Group B (right column), then please stay home.
      • You still must complete the Self-Assessment tool and follow proper procedures for reporting off. 



(Copied on 8/18/2021)


  • During Work:
      • Practice social distancing when feasible.   
      • Facial coverings must be worn when in an IU building while with other people and in common areas, regardless of one’s vaccination status.
      • Strive to maintain the cleanliness of common and personal workspaces with the provided supplies.
      • Practice good hygiene (e.g., wash hands regularly).
      • Should you become symptomatic (see above table) while you are in the building, you must report your condition to a supervisor immediately and then prepare to leave the building. 
      • If you are exposed to COVID-19 (exposure is defined as being in close contact: i.e., within 6 feet of someone who is COVID + for 15 minutes or longer within 24 hours), then you should contact a supervisor immediately.
      • As per the CDC, the following protocols will be strictly adhered to: 
        • Fully vaccinated people: exposure with no symptoms- can return to work; should test 3-5 days after exposure even if you don’t have symptoms.
        • Fully vaccinated people:  exposure with symptoms/symptoms with no known exposure - can return to work after Day 7 only if they provide proof of a negative test (testing must occur on Day 5 or later) - if you test positive, you must isolate for 10 days.
        • Non-vaccinated people:  with symptoms and/or exposure-they can return to work after Day 14 as long as they have no symptoms within the past 24 hours.
        • Non-vaccinated people: exposure with no symptoms- they can return to work with negative test after Day 7; Testing must occur on Day 5 or later.  If not tested, then they can return to work after Day 10 as long as they have no symptoms within the past 24 hours.
        • Visit CDC recommended steps for more information.
      • Personal protective equipment (PPE) will be available.
        • Gloves, facial coverings, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes will be available.
        • Please contact your supervisor if you need additional PPE. 
      • Cleaning protocols have been established.
        • Disinfecting the areas accessed is a shared responsibility.  Employees are expected to wipe down anything that may have been touched (door handles, light switches, copy machines, restrooms, etc.). 
        • Routine cleaning and disinfecting will be conducted when the building is not in use.
        • A mid-day cleaning of the building will be conducted by maintenance. 


  • After Work (within 48 hours of the last time you were in the building):
      • If any of the conditions below apply to you, then you must immediately notify a supervisor: 
        • You are tested for COVID
        • You receive a positive test result for COVID
        • You are symptomatic (see above table for symptoms)


  • Upon learning of a confirmed COVID-19 case with an employee or student, the BVIU will:
      • Close the areas used by the employee/student for a period of 24 hours.
        • If 24 hours is not feasible, then maintenance will wait as long as practical to clean and disinfect.
      • Clean and disinfect an infected employee’s/student’s workspace.
      • Open the exterior doors and windows to increase air circulation in the exposed area (if reasonable, given the safety regulations).
      • Collect information about the employee(s)/student(s) who are potentially exposed (i.e., contact tracing).
      • Inform all necessary stakeholders of their possible exposure while maintaining confidentiality as required by Americans with Disabilities Act.


  • Job Specific Guidelines for an Exposure/Positive Test Result/Building Closure
    • For EI Staff:
      • Todd Lane programs and services will only close when directed to do so by the Central Valley School District under its Health and Safety Plan. If directed by CVSD to close, affected EI staff will provide services via teleintervention. This will be the only time that telework will be permitted.
      • Itinerants may telework under the following conditions:
        • Full or partial closure of the central office building.
        • Closure of a preschool or daycare location due to outbreak, with immediate notice to EI Supervisor and update to the itinerant’s weekly schedule.
        • Restriction of visitors to a home, preschool, daycare, or facility due to an outbreak, with immediate notice to EI Supervisor of anticipated length of restriction and update to the itinerant’s weekly schedule.
  • Evaluation Team:
  • The evaluation team will work in-person in their office space unless a school-wide closure is imposed at Todd Lane.
  • The scheduling protocol currently in place allows for staff to conduct in-person or virtual evaluations in the office or in the field.
  • Evaluation team members not scheduled to be in the office will work in the field and/or in the itinerant workspace at the IU central office.
  • For New Horizon Staff:
  • For Central Office Staff:
  • Please contact your supervisor regarding telework options. 
  • For Non-Public School Staff:
  • Non-Public staff will telework if a Non-Public School is 100% virtual.


Per discretion of the BVIU administration, this plan is subject to change.