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Non-Violent Crisis Intervention (CPI)

This training is for schools and agencies seeking nonviolent crisis intervention training, and training on how to safely restrain students with aggressive behaviors. All trainers are CPI-certified and will assist your staff in obtaining certification. Content includes recognizing potential crisis behavior, communication strategies, behavior deescalation, decision making, disengagement/personal safety skills, holding/restraint techniques, and postvention. This training is ideal for building level crisis teams.

CPI Training Options

9 Hour Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (CPI) Course

 Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training, considered the worldwide standard for crisis prevention and intervention training can help your staff to:

   * Recognize and respond to signs of anxiety

   * Understand the effects of non-verbal behavior

   * Verbally de-escalate a student's behavior

   * Effectively set limits

   * Make appropriate decisions during a behavioral crisis 

   * Reduce the risk of injury to self and others

   * Explore patterns of behavior and plan for prevention

This course is beneficial to all teachers and school staff. Participants receive a workbook and are required to take a written test at the conclusion of the class. It is recommended to renew the course content through Formal Refresher trainings every two years.


12 Hour Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (CPI) Crisis Team Training

This course is recommended for building level crisis management teams. Building administrators should identify 4-6 staff members who would serve as the crisis team. This course covers the same material as the 9 hour course above. In addition, participants will also learn:

   * The latest information on deescalation and restraints in PA

   * The risks of restraints

   * How to effectively administer physical interventions

   * The steps necessary for activating the crisis team

   * The importance of team maintenance

This course takes place over two full days. Participants receive a workbook and will take both a written and performance based assessment at the conclusion of the class. It is recommended that crisis team members renew this training annually.


6 Hour Formal Refresher Training  

This course can only be taken by those who have previously completed any of the courses above. Participants receive a Refresher Workbook and will take a written test at the end of the training. 

Contact: Jeff Huchko, 724-774-7800 Ext. 3027 • E-mail Jeff

Cost: There is currently a $23 cost per person for the required workbook.