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Interagency Coordination


 A resource for local school districts by which a process is facilitated to support students with disabilities whose educational placement no longer is appropriate. Collaboration occurs among school districts, child serving agencies, and families so identification of educational programs and services can be made available to avoid delaying the provision of FAPE.

Since school districts have the crucial role of initial identification of students requiring intensive interagency coordination, the Department requires school districts to submit a report on the form below.  As stated above, the students who must be identified are those:  (1) whose districts have determined that they cannot currently be served in the public educational setting; and (2) who have waited more than 30 days for the provision of an appropriate educational placement (or are at substantial risk of waiting more than 30 days for a placement).  These reports must be filed within 5 days of initial identification of these students and must be updated on a continuous basis until an appropriate placement is provided.

Intensive Interagency Initial Report
Intensive Interagency Update Report 


For assistance, contact:

Carol Roossin, Interagency Coordinator

724-774-7800, x3028

Services in the following areas:

  • Meeting facilitation

  • Identification of resources

  • Coordination of services