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Request for AAC Consultation

If you are requesting a speech and language consultation or an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) consultation, the BVIU requires the following information:

  • Information from parent(s)/guardian(s) (paper version)

Open each form and complete the information requested.  Your responses will be automatically submitted to the evaluation team, except for the paper version of the parent form.


The BVIU also requires the following:

  • Permission to photograph and/or videotape

Each requesting school is asked to provide a short video of the student working or communicating at school or at home. If the file is not too large, the video can be sent as an email attachment to Jillian Mitsch. You could also provide a Dropbox (or similar) link, allow access through Google Share, or it can also be sent to the address below on flash media.

Open the Permission to Photograph form and complete as much information as you can. Then, print the form and send it home for parent/guardian signatures. Once it is returned to you, keep it in the student's file. If a signed permission for photographing this student is already on file, then this form is not necessary. 

Paper forms can be sent to:  
   AAC Evaluation Team               Fax # 724-728-4520
   New Horizon School
   128 Friendship Circle
   Beaver, PA 15009