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Training and Consultation (TaC)

Each Intermediate Unit in Pennsylvania provides training and consultation services to local school districts and charter schools. The Beaver Valley Intermediate Unit employs five professionals on the TaC Staff. This department provides a coordinated system of technical assistance driven by the annual analysis of training needs and demonstrated outcomes. The overall goal is to develop systemic change and build the capacity of local educational agencies. Responsibilities include:

  • Facilitates high quality professional development to refine audience’s knowledge and skills.
  • Answers inquiries in initiative area(s) and provides follow-up activities and/or materials as needed.
  • Creates presentations aligned with federal and state regulations, PDE initiatives, and research-based best practices using the latest technology.
  • Observes and provides follow-up related to professional development to insure implementation of exemplary practices.
  • Works with school district and/or IU staff to plan training and programs that increase student achievement for all K-12 students.
  • Assists with identifying teaching, learning and/or behavioral needs, barriers and weaknesses by analyzing student data and participates in problem solving sessions.
  • Participates in regional and state sponsored planning and training sessions per assigned initiative(s).
  • Assists with school-wide, statewide and IU data analysis as part of assessing professional development needs.
  • Supports data teams and collaborates regarding the interpretation of the data to make instructional, curricular and behavioral decisions.