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OverDrive Consortium

Contact: Vicki Robertson, 724-774-7800 Ext. 3033
Twitter: @Technology_BVIU
OverDrive, is a web-based digital library that allows students 24/7 online access to a digital collection of ebooks, audio books, music and video. Students browse a shared collection and check out titles online using OverDrive Read. Students download the digital collections using a browser with "OverDrive" on a Kindle device or within Kindle apps (U.S. only), or download to a wide variety of devices such as Apple or Android devices. Through OverDrive you will choose from 500,000 K-12 materials (350,000 digital titles, 26,000 audio books, 6,000 videos/music) and teacher resources. Because it is web-based, any computer including ChromeBooks can utilize OverDrive. In addition Pearson Textbooks for math, biology and science are available along with Scholastic titles.