Composite Calendar

Please click the link below for the composite calendars of the Beaver County School Districts.  Please note that these schedules are subject to change.  Please contact your  school district for an official calendar.

Composite Calendar 2016-2017


46 Year enrollment Trends from 1971-1972 to Present

Provided for your use is a copy of Enrollment statistics which includes:

  • Composite Third Day Enrollment for Public Schools
  • 46 Year History of Third Day Enrollment
  • County-Wide Summary by Grade Levels
  • Charter School Enrollment by Districts and Grade Level
  • Enrollments for Local Charter Schools by District & Grade Level 2016 – 2016 for: 
                  o   Beaver Area Academic Charter School
                  o   Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center
                  o   PA Cyber Charter School
                  o   Baden Academy Charter School
                  o   All Others (Combined)
  • 2016 – 2017 Summary of Charter School Enrollments by:
                  o   Grade Level
                  o   District
                  o   History of Local Charter School Growth Graph
  • Home Schoolers by Grade Level and District
  • Ten, Twenty & Thirty Year Enrollment Data Analysis
  • BVIU 45 Year Enrollment Chart reflecting county-wide enrollments
  • Line Graph for each local school district and New Horizon School with a 45 year enrollment history.

Third Day Enrollment 

Third Day Enrollment


Educational Directory

Educational Directory