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The strength of many, the focus of one.

The Regional Choice Initiative is changing the way we view education. By providing students with more choices and utilizing the latest advances in educational technology, this unique consortium of 15 Pennsylvania school districts is paving new paths in public education and serving as the educational model for the future. 
The Regional Choice Initiative creates a collaborative partnership that strengthens the academic infrastructure and increases overall student achievement. It does this by offering cost-effective, high-quality programs and services that meet the individual needs of all students through collaboration among member-districts. 

Our goal is to develop, implement, and evaluate a school choice program that will:
  • Provide parents with a varied menu of greater academic options
  • Create a collaborative partnership of school districts
  • Provide a replicable, inter-district, public school choice model
The Regional Choice Initiative was funded by the United States Department of Education's Voluntary Public School Choice Grant from July 2007-October 2013. The original 15 participating school districts now fund the RCI Open Seats Program.
Marianne LeDonne
Director of Educational Innovation
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Marsha Hughes
Instructional Technology Specialist
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Kinsey Gilbreath
Secretary to Director of Educational Innovation
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